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Kraaijeveld - Agnes Grey (LP) Bekijk groter

Kraaijeveld - Agnes Grey (LP)

Collectable Vinyl – JECV1802


Drager: LP

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'THE LOST ALBUM' - This album was recorded 1973 by the second line-up of Kraaijeveld, a group with the Kraaijeveld brothers, when they were no longer in the Bintangs. They recorded it on a 4-track tape. Because they needed more tracks for all instruments and vocals, there was a mix made on one track of bassguitar and drums. In a later stage this mix was not useable, too much bass, too little drums, but no backup and no money left to do it over again. The result was transfered to a 2-track tape and that was it. 2017: this 2-track tape was rediscovered and digitally remastered and some of the excess bass could be removed. So now for the first time ever this monumental album of guitar frenzy and ballads is released.

The bonus song is an edit of the single 'Chicky Jamboree' with more fanfare.



A1. Hound Is On The Run

A2. Agnes Grey

A3. Circles

A4. Sir Wilfur (LP version)

B1. I Know You Can

B2. Lunatic (LP version)

B3. Son Of The Devil

B4. Lillywhite Lilly

B5. Chicky Jamboree (LP version)