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Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcock ‎– The Hollow Lands (CD)

Purple Pyramid - CLO1791CD


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Fantasy writer/art rock visionary Michael Moorcock teams up with Don Falcone’s space rock collective Spirits Burning for an epic new album! Moorcock has been named one of the 50 greatest British writers since 1945 and his unique talents have been applied to not just literary works but to the rock world contributing to bands such as Hawkwind, Blue Öyster Cult and his own projects as well!

This album includes performances by BÖC members Albert Bouchard, Donald ‘Buck Dharma’ Roeser, Eric Bloom, and Joe Bouchard, Hawkwind associates Harvey Bainbridge, Steve Bemand, and Bridget Wishart PLUS Nektar’s Ron Howden, The Strawb’s Chas Cronk, and lots more!



  • 1. To Hollow Lands
  • 2. Isn't It Delicious?
  • 3. Playing At Ships
  • 4. Dance Through Time
  • 5. Warm Snow Peaks
  • 6. On The Hunt
  • 7. A Haze Of Crimson Light
  • 8. Conflict & Illusions
  • 9. Robot Nurse & The Children Of The Pit
  • 10. A Conversation With H.G. Wells
  • 11. Awful Dilemma
  • 12. Mr. Underwood’s Soliloquy
  • 13. Time Machine Cabriolet
  • 14. We May Yet Be Saved
  • 15. Morphail Megaflow
  • 16. Memorable Night At Café Royal
  • 17. To The Time Machine, At Last
  • 18. Make A Fire